Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Day After the day...

Good Grief! Today is one of those days where I simultaneously slept too much and not enough. But here I am and getting ready to continue working on my  new trilogy (It's about the Civil War). Boring you say or not but it's history with a twist. *grins* Oh yeah.  I was up late working on music too.

So I checked on For The Love Of Cyprus and found I had one sale on Kindle. Well one sale is better than no sale right? Also I was catching up on the music scoop news. Something funny to me - If Lady Gaga was really in that egg for three days before the Grammies, how did she relieve herself? Like how did she poopeedle? lol Also how did she get her makeup, hair and clothing on? I smell BS ha ha.  And people are falling for that?? Anywho the Grammies was awesome and it was right after that when I went into hibernation myself to self-publish For The Love Of Cyprus.

I feel relief now for a while and of course am out there on the internet and elsewhere performing selfless promotion for my book which of course I like and friends like but hoping YOU will like it too. The first of many to come. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

So I need a sweet tea refill and a butter biscuit and make like one of the 7 dwarves - High ho High ho it's off to work I go.

Love, Peace and Hair Grease - till next time. xo  

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