Friday, March 25, 2011

Follow Friday For Writers

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So the question for the day is this:

What inspired you to start writing?

I've written since I was a little girl I think or at least learned my ABC's and how to project them into words.  I started out with a book called  "A Child's Dream" which I think was probably 42 pages long.  It was complete with pictures and about all the dreams of children for the big 'when they grow up' question.  I think because people used to ask me that question and I heard the 'already grown ups' ask that question I decided to write about it. Oh yes and I even interviewed other children at my daycare, the park and the neighborhood crew.  I still have that book and a few others but it was finding that book after years of it being packed away that really peaked my interest in novel writing.  It wasn't bad for a 2nd grader.

As time evolved when I was younger I always wrote poetry and small diddies as I call them about life, love, and anything I could think of then at 8 years old I learned to play the guitar.  Well really it was a violin but my brother caught me playing it in my bedroom several times like a guitar and so my parents bought me CBAG. What is CBAG ?  Well it's what I fondly now refer to as Crappy Black Acoustic Guitar because you see I really really really wanted a black guitar with a butterfly on it.  Well at least it was black and now its scratched and a bit worn from use but still playable.  So again I was writing song lyrics and ideas for songs along with the teenage angst of living life, love and the pursuit of who knows what. So I began my first book "The World Of ATortured Rock Star".  I know I was a teenager but that book is now on my computer and someday just someday it may come to complete fruition.

The inspiration for my first completed and self-published novel came from my parents and some of their life incidents and experiences especially with reference to the Island of Cyprus.  I'm a Greek Cypriot and in 1974 way before my time there was an invasion of the island of Cyprus or some call it a war.  During that time people were separated, some in terrible ways, from one another. That's what I wrote about death, love and honor are what my protagonist Zoe learns about and experiences in this book.  And, that death is not always the winner or is it?  So yes that inspired me to write this particular book and though I don't say too much about it here I enjoyed writing the book and yes when I read it, it still makes me laugh and cry. And no I don't look at my books as my babies but a work of joy and more joy when they are completed. By the way the incident with Cyprus has never seen resolved and the Turkish still occupy 40 percent of the island to this day displacing and taking homes from those lands. Just saying.

So those are the things that drove me to write in answer to today's question.  I hope it will suffice and you don't find it too boring.

Have a beautiful day and Write ON!! *big smile*


  1. Great story!! I'm a new follower :)

  2. Thank you ladies. Paranormal Opinion I followed you too awesome blog by the way and so much to go through Thanks again. *big smile*

  3. Awh! I can picture an adorable little Khloe running around The neighborhood interviewing her peers! It reminds me of the writing competitions I held in my neighborhood! :D

    It's so much fun getting to know all of our backgrounds!


  4. Hi Khloe *waves* I LOVE your header!That is so cool you wrote a book as a child. I remember writing a twisted version of Cinderella in 5th grade. School published in their newsletter :)It was alot of fun to write.

    You can find my answer over at Writings Of A Dreamer

  5. I love hearing about everyones history! I bet you were too cute as a kid!

  6. Hopping through. I'm not doing the Writer FF, but I saw you on Parajunkee's FF. New follower! Have a great weekend.
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  7. Hiya! I just started following you and it would be awesome if you took the time to stop by my blog to follow me as well! :)

    Thanks and have a great night. (^_^)

  8. Awesome, Khloe! I agree with everyone...I think it's funny how we all got started at such an early age. :)

  9. Great post and site. Very helpful info on art and photos. Thanks for FF follow--back at you.

  10. Hi! I'm a new follower from the hop. It's nice to meet others who do what we do. Hope you'll stop by when you get the chance.

    Gabrielle Bisset

  11. Thank you everyone for your kind responses. I love the Follow Friday and I'm following everyone who joined my blog. Thank you for the follow backs and have a beautiful day. Write ON! *big smile*

  12. Love your story, look forward to reading more from you. Just downloaded your book yeaterday and cant wait to read it.

  13. This is a great blog. I am a new follower and hope you will follow my network at The Neophyte Writer Thanks.

  14. Aww C.G. Thank you so much *big smile* I haven't reformatted it but hope you do enjoy it. Much Love. xo <3

  15. To Kristie Bernard thank you so much and I will check out your blog also. Have a beautiful day tomorrow as it's late here lol. xo <3