Thursday, March 17, 2011

How Do You Like Your Vampire? Fried, Poached, Boiled, Baked or Broiled?

Ha ha I've been researching about vampires for a really long time since an experience I had when I was 14 made me believe maybe JUST maybe there are such creatures.  It's a big world out there.  I've read everything I could get my hands on and watched movies to see what views others had of them.

When I was 14 it was the old adage of you're bitten, you change into one, you sleep in a dirt filed coffin.  Fire, holy water, sun, crucifix's and a stake through the heart killed the vampires I knew of.  Then of course there were Anne Rice's vampires which I had never really checked out before and a gamut of of other vampires leading up to the Twilight vampires. So I began to research really deep to see what made Bram Stoker make Dracula with the attributes that I mentioned above.  I thought surely there were vampires before the famed Dracula because as a child I heard my old yia yia (pronounced ya ya in Greek - for Grandmother) tell stories of vampires from old greek legends she had learned from her ancestors and had been passed down. Well anyway to get on with it.

I'm wondering now what everyone out there prefers as far as the vampire is concerned?  I know people love to read about them but are very particular about them.  Though the Twilight movies did well I'm wondering if the Anne Rice vampire movies and books did better? Do people like to read about violent vampires, do they like to see vampires who can walk in the sun.  Do people accept Dhampir's (the child who is the result of a vampire and human mating O.O) or what exactly do the majority of people believe in and wish to see?

I'm writing a vampire trilogy regarding the history of a few places where I live right now.  I know how I want the vampires of those books to be represented in my minds eye but what about the general public's eye? So thus I ask and would hope to get answers so I can surmise if what I am writing will be accepted among the general public.  I think vampires can be cunningly stunning and violent yet I like certain aspects of their abilities that are not always acceptable other than I just don't believe they can procreate in the way a human does.  But that's explained in my book too.

By the way there are many of you out there with vampire subject books and I've read a few so far and really like them a lot but not going to mention them here because if I've read one persons book and not the others I don't want to hurt someone's feelings.  It happens ya know.  So anyway I guess that's what this blog is about the question of vampires and what people like to see in their attributes.  Lots of great research out there too and as for my experience when I was 14 I'll just say this.

Yes Virginia there is a vampire!! No I'm not one lol.  Now go y'all and WRITE ON!! :-)  


  1. I like LJ Smith's vampires, tormented and brooding... Mmmm Damon.... What were we talking about? ;)

  2. I'm an equal opportunity vampire lover...I like them all. :)

  3. I just got to sit down and read this, so here is my take. I love 'em all! Seriously, that is what makes the paranormal genre so much fun. There is room to make everything your own.

  4. I'm a big fan of Anne Rice's earlier work. Queen of the Damned was amazing. I don't think the Anne Rice based movies will ever come close to selling as well as Twilight movies. I love the idea that the world of vampires is morphing and becoming something completely different than Bram Stoker imagined originally.

  5. I like my vampires mean. I don't mind tortured and brooding if it doesn't turn into whining. I like vampires to kill people and not really feel that badly about.

  6. I like sexy Sinjin type vampires...the ones in my book don't kill when they feed.

  7. Vampires should be monsters, not boyfriends.

    Noah Mullette-Gillman