Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So I've had NO sleep in who knows how many hours. Just finished reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I found the content to be quite interesting in that many of the pre-civil war and civil war people who had anything to do with government or the war itself were vampires. It also portrayed a good vampire group as helping to get Old Abe, as he was called, elected president. Is there such a thing as good vampires? Even John Wilkes Booth was a vampire. But it was a good read which I found very interesting. Seems they're making a movie out of it right now. The man who will play Abraham Lincoln is from right here in Georgia. I wonder how he would feel about that?

The storms have passed and today dawned bright and beautiful although the pollen has started which coats everything and I mean EVERYTHING here in Georgia a lovely SHREK green. Of course I'm allergic to pollen so sneezing becomes a part of my daily routine.

I also discovered an awesome blog this morning written by Alan Rinzler  called The Book Deal: An Inside View Of Publishing. Great blog for all you writers out there. He has lots of useful information too numerous to mention though here is a link to his last blog which I myself found very helpful. -for-authors/    

So I'm going to rest for a while with another book I've been meaning to read but won't mention here yet until I finish it then back up to write for a while. Y'all have a beautiful and prosperous day. XOXO   

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