Friday, April 22, 2011

Sugar and Spitfire!

When I blog, I like to think I'm blogging for everyone ~ readers, other writers, other bloggers and the public in general because that often affects what kind of blog I write.

I really don't like to be told what to write. I think of myself as a free spirit so it's hard for me to do a hop-a-long-blog thing where I answer someone elses questions, or support someone elses books or review because someone asked me to. I would rather do that of my own volition! That's not saying I don't go to blogs where others have reviewed books or go read said questions etc. But it's just me and how I am. If I'm asked a question I answer to the best of my ability and also with regard to how much information on said question I wish to reveal, especially if it's a personal question. Does all that make sense? And is it so “politically wrong” to feel this way? In oher words I'm not a follow the leader type person. I'm a dance to my own tune kind of girl.

I used to be the type of girl who had free reign to be inappropriate and silly and sometimes to vent and complain about anything I want because who cares? But not anymore. I don't like to hurt peoples feelings nor be thought of as a negative, bitchy type person. But then again because I am my own spirit some may look at me that way.

It seems now I have so much to think about and say. I want to talk about my path goals as a writer. I want to talk about how grateful I am for my readers and some of the really inspirational things they say to me in messages on Facebook or on Twitter. I don't get a lot of fanmail yet but maybe someday I will.

I really wish I could talk about my books and the things I have coming up but for some reason I dont feel I can because in this day and age it seems there is always someone who takes the idea and runs with it. Then there are times when I just want to talk about the latest movie I've seen or the latest book I've read but then do people really care about that? Is it appropriate to talk about those things in my blog? Well I think so because truly this blog is about me and about what I do which is write books and also some music AND watch movies and read. But on this blog, The Story Tree I'll just be talking mainly about books and things that have to do with them. WHICH by the way have you read Water for Elephants written by Sara Gruen ? I can't wait to see the movie which is coming out today!! Now right there is an example where I can talk about books and movies!! YAY!!

To define myself I write books, music and lyrics. I'm so greatful for all the ability to connect with others in this  personal way. I've read more books than I can probably ever write and not written as many songs as I would like to. I know people want to see characters and read stories that they've never heard before and I'm going to atempt to achieve this. I'm very humbled and thankful to those who have benefited from the words I write and the music I have created. I want to thank you all.

Of course being a writer is not all I am. I'm a daughter, a sister a great grand daughter a friend and am partial to cats. I still live at home. I take care of my disabled mother who can't walk and isn't eligible for disability because she quit her wonderful job with the government to take care of me and not because I HAVE to but because I WANT to. She has given so much to me and it is the least I can do for her. Soon my father is to have more surgery. Five years ago he had open heart surgery, a quadruple bipass and we all lived through that. Now he has to have more surgery in May so I'm going to be on double duty. I do have a sister here to help out sometimes but not always. So this all may drag me down time wise with my writing but family to me comes first and always will. It bothers me to read or hear about others complaining about their families. If you don't like it then either deal or get out. I guess that sounds rude and cruel but good grief are we not the true benefactors of our own destiny? I just tell others to first look at the good. If the good outweighs the bad then stick with it. Don't over vent if you do then seek counseling. Oh well that's just me.

When I'm not doing things around the house I live on the computer. I'm always writing and editing, trying to answer emails or keep up with Facebook and Twitter. So far so good but maybe not as much as I would like. I am so, so grateful for life but I'm truly overwhelmed sometimes. I still haven't figured out how to manage my time which is ridiculous. But I'm getting there.

I can't do and be everything everybody wants me to do all the time. I can't have it all I realize that, but if I can make a decent living by my books and music then that would be good. I'm going to give it a try and see where it takes me. I'm not a fame or attention whore or a me me me look what I did bragadocia kind of person I can't be everything to everyone. I can only be me, and I will always try to do the best I can and do right by everybody I come across and treat people with respect.

Right now I'm working on trailers for my books using Maya. I've just learned how to use Maya which a dear friend gave to me a while back. I'm pretty proficent at photoshop though not as good as Phatpuppy who rocks. So I'm messing with book covers. I don't think I did such a bad job on the book cover for my book For The Love Of Cyprus. But then tha'ts just me. I can do better.

So I just wanted to say all of this so you can get to know me, Khole and a few things that make me click. I will be writing things of interest to some in this blog now and then but not rambling or answering questions that don't interest me nor I think will interest others. Does that sound bad?

I hope to be able to relate helpful things and items of interest in these pages for you, the reader's, enjoyment. Now you have a little more insight to me. So have a great day and enjoy what ever it is you're doing or working on. If you get frustrated take a break and count your blessings then go back to what you're doing. Remember, love one another.

Much Love ~ Khloe <3

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Blog Hop #2 - Favorite Place To Write

Welcome to the Writer’s Follow Friday Blog Hop! Not sure if you qualify? If you have a blog to add, guess what, you’re a writer! So check out the rules, grab the link and join the hop! We’re small for now, but we hope to continue to grow.

Please join in in welcoming Liz Schulte from Bat Country with this week’s featured question.

Some people like to do it in the office. Others prefer it in bed. Some people like it on the dining room table. Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm asking where you like to write!
I have a window I look out upon when I write that has a wonderful view and I never know what each day will bring.  That window looks out upon a rugged back yard filled with nature and the scene of a mountain.  Once in a while I look up and can see the chipmunks scampering around or the cardinals in the tall bush aside of a lattice fence in their nest, feeding their babies.  Sometimes I just look out at the small mountain known around here as Sweat Mountain and daydream about ideas for my books. This is a picture of Sweat Mountain, my view from the window.

In the evening the possums and raccoons come by but I don't feed the raccoons because it's not a good idea.  I do feed some of the baby possums though and if there's food left over then the raccoons eat it up.  Look here isn't this cute? Baby Possum lol!

Now one day I was writing and it was sort of misty out as it had been raining.  I was really into what I was writing and I felt something staring at me.  I looked up and almost jumped out of my skin.  There staring at me was a deer family! I was shocked and mesmerized at the same time. People, I've never really seen a wild deer that close before except in a wild life zoo out in Stone Mountain. There was even a cute little baby deer.  

Recently I've been working on the first book of a paranormal trilogy and it's been raining for what seems like days.  So much that if Noah's Ark floated by I'd think nothing of it ( because I know Sweat Mountain would stop that ol' Ark right in it's path lol ) So this is the view I've been given many a day and to me it looks like I'm up in the sky writing with nothing but trees and my house.

Spooky but beautiful huh? Well it's not always all misty like that but when it is then we just say we're up in the clouds for a while.  At night when the full moon comes around this is the view from that same window so serene and quiet. I see the moon and the moon sees me. :-) The picture below was the Super Moon in March.

So yes, this is my favorite place to write is in front of the back window where nature comes to me and gives me the best it can for where I live here in the state of Georgia. Soon the hummingbirds will come around and as always I'll keep on writing and watching while they fight over the sugar water I give them in the feeder.

Y'all have a beautiful day where ever you write but most of all remember to Write ON!! Much love xo