Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghosts or My Imagination? My Creepy, Halloween Weekend Jog

It's Fall, the trees are slathered with shades of reds, oranges and golden yellow. I was taking my usual jog down Bulloch Blvd. past Sallie's Mimosa Hall home and onto the property of the haunted Bulloch Hall. Bulloch Hall was the home of President Theodore Roosevelt's mother, Mittie. It's said in the back of the house is a well that is haunted by a young girl who fell in, and one can hear her voice now and then. I know I have. Creepy as it sounds it was sort of a pathetic, whispered “Heeelp meeee,” then nothing more. I've always wondered if it was merely the breeze whispering through the trees back there, but I don't think so. I've also seen the black rocking chair on the great front porch begin to rock back and forth as I passed. No, I don't run fast enough to cause a strong breeze to move it. Besides, it sits up from the circular driveway where I jog. At night, in the summer time I've seen the porch light go off and on, with the claims that there is not a timer set to do that. I don't know but that's a little creepy too.

This weekend I jogged on my usual route, past Mimosa Hall and The Dolvin House, also known as Jimmy Carter's summer home. Emily Dolvin was president Carter's aunt. The two houses sit across from one another. At the end of the street I jogged onto the Bulloch property, then around the circular driveway and around Bulloch Hall. But, on my way back I glanced over at The Dolvin House, and saw a movement at the top window. This house is empty, and has been empty for a few years. I do know at night they keep a light on in the back of the house, but there is no caretaker living there. The house is for sale. I stopped jogging, and stood there watching. What ever it was, was still there and seemed to be watching me. I went closer and took out my cell phone. I snapped two pictures and when I looked, the first picture shows what appears to be someone sitting in the window. The second picture it appears there are two--what ever they are--sitting there. Ghosts? I think so. Roswell is known for it's ghosts and spirits in these pre-Civil War Antebellum homes. I've included the pictures below.

      First picture with apparition in the left window - one only

     Second picture with two apparitions in the left window

So I waved and they didn't wave back; I jogged onward. As I jogged down the street I turned around and did another jog by. They were gone. Whoever or what ever was there had left and the windows were clear and empty. Ooookay.

Another place I jog is by what is known by the town as The Creepy House. Supposedly the town Hangman who did the hangings over at the big, old oak tree in the town square lived there. After each hanging he and his buddies would go back to the house to get drunk and celebrate. It's said there was a young girl buried under the house after she was murdered, though no one has ever been able to find the evidence historically of this, and no one has dared go into the basement and dig around. Though, she's been seen standing by the open door leading under the house, crying. It's said once in a while an old, stern looking woman or an angry looking old man stand at the window and threaten anyone who makes a move to go inside. The place has been for rent for a long time. Previous business owners have had their items strewn around when they open the next morning, even after picking up things, and straitening them out the evening before. The last business renter had a beauty shop. She left screaming out the door when she opened up one morning, and something threw brushes, combs and a hot iron at her. It's been closed since then. I guess rumors abound. I took this picture last Saturday on my jog by the house. The old woman was standing in front of the window. I snapped the picture with my cell phone, she showed me some teeth and lifted her hand in a threatening way. The tree in front of the house is said to contain a spirit that watches over the house and its ghosts. It's said to be an evil tree. I don't know about that, but when I looked at the picture I saw the tree DID have a face. I don't remember seeing that face when I was there. One other thing, as I was ready to leave something pulled my hair. Not hard, but enough to make me jerk my head back a little. When I do jog back by that little house, I'm going to look at that tree again, but I won't stop, I'll just go on by.

     First picture of The Creepy House - apparition of an old woman in top window shaking her fist at me. Mom said it might be the sun's reflection, but trust me it's not.

Second picture of The Creepy House from the front and the evil tree - there's a face on it - apparition is still there but not real noticeable in this picture.
 So go figure. Ghosts, or just reflections in these pictures? There was nothing around to reflect these apparitions in the windows. Make your own deductions. I know I've made mine. Happy Halloween.