Friday, February 3, 2012

Spread Love Not Hate - Blog Hop - Adult Bullying and Social Network Cliques.

Today we are spreading the word about Love not Hate here on our blogs. A few weeks ago I posted here on my blog about Social Network Cliques and some ideas on how to deal with those kinds of people online. I'm repeating the URL of it today in honor of Spread Love Not Hate Day. The post is called Social Network Cliques and the URL is as follows :

The second post touches on Cyber Bullying not only among teens but adults. It's called Adult Bullying and Cyber Bullying. The URL is as follows:

I hope these posts help. Remember if you are the victim of either one of these issues don't ignore it. Don't be afraid. Put a stop to it - report the bullies - report those who try to intimidate you. I've been a victim of both and I know from personal experience it's not a fun thing to go through. Just before posting this I read on Facebook how one woman got angry with her partner and deleted their whole website because the partner had more business then she did. The business? A Blog Tour business. There was no need for that. If you have a temper, go somewhere and cool off. There's no need to harass and harm others.

Below are other bloggers who have joined K.C. Neal and the bloggers of this blog hop today. Check out their blogs also to see what they have to say about spreading Love Not Hate. Haters are not always our motivators people, haters have caused many a misfortune in others lives, even suicide. Think twice before you bite.

Remember Spread <3 Not Hate!

Much Love and have a wonderful day. Thank you for reading. xoxo