Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Nights Are For Blogging Bugs and More!

So, a few weeks ago I was faced with something pretty awful in my kitchen, as I was cleaning up after dinner I noticed tiny white almost invisible bugs running around on top of my counter with a struggling, twitching roach on her back half eaten by I guess, could it be, her very own young... 

Yes, I start sweating on the outside and crying a little inside because I'd hate to be eaten by my young. 
I spent about 5 minutes thinking about what to do for the mother, kill her or help her. Even though I do NOT like to make friends with bugs that are listed under, "BUGS STRAIGHT FROM HELL" I figured she was already dying, end her suffering and hope it doesn't make me too sick to take life... 

See one thing about roaches people don't understand is they do care very well for their young despite how vial and disgusting. "squirms" 

As I took her life I prayed that maybe in her next life she will be a butterfly. I haven't seen any more bugs in the house thank goodness and I am calling the bug guy to come visit again tomorrow, just in case. 

We have some VERY weird bugs here in the southern united states and the south kind of reminds me of the FIRE SWAMP from the film Princess Bride.  We have BUGS of unusual size instead of Rodents of unusual size.
In fact I remember the day I learned just how evil bugs could be.

I was about 7 years old, I was born and raised where the west is the best in the east, it's beautiful there. 
We had just moved into new house and my Daddy went to check the attic space for extra storage space.
I remember watching Dad get a little nervous as he cracked open the attic door on the hallway ceiling only to find a rush of what seemed like an army of thousands of very very very large flying palmetto bugs that came at us... Let's just say we moved out that night and never went back... Screaming, Mouth open, bugs flying and flapping everywhere... Yee, you can imagine that right??!!
                                            >> Fear of something like this happening to us >>  

                                                   BUGS THE SIZE OF RATS!!!! WTF?!?! ....

I also have good memories of nice bugs who live here in the southeast too, more of the nymph type though.
When I lived in the North Georgia Mountains, North West of Atlanta I had these nymphs with pink and yellow wings living in my gardens.  

                                                               Dryocampa rubicunda

We also had nymphs with virgin white wings and fuzzy bodies and they seemed to be sweet in nature too.

                                                          Isn't she precious, we made friends. 

Another flying bug I have encountered is the Unicorn of Nymphs, The Lunar Moth. I was on the road and stopped at a 7-11 to call my sister at a payphone to let her know I was in town and that I was coming to her place for the night cause I was tired and needed to be close to home for the night after being on the road with my band for weeks eating carrots. The sun was setting, it was spring and  I noticed gliding in the breeze towards me was a very large and luminous lunar moth that made a landing for my shoulder and looked me in the eyes. Sometimes I wonder if it was God himself or maybe just Mother Nature just watching over me. He looked something like this. 

                                                                          "Lunar Moth"

I know I usually blog about books, and music and bugs might seem gross to some, but I love them, they're so cute, and I'm not talking about those bugs directly sent straight from hell either.  Maybe I should write a book about bugs, who knows, maybe one day.

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